–          Bookings

Bookings are made directly with the Company at the Hire Office, Via Della Molinara, 24, GRUMELLO DEL MONTE (BG) either in person, by phone, fax or e-mail to the address

For the booking to be considered valid, it must be countersigned for acceptance by Perletti Autoservizi S.r.l. and returned to the customer.

–          Quotations

At the customer’s request the office will issue a quotation of the costs of the service according to the details provided by the customer.

–          Tariffs

With the exception of any indications written on the quotation, the tariffs

–          Include italian V.A.T. (when due) and motorway tolls.

–          They do not include: individual passenger taxes in Italy or abroad, ZTL (limited traffic zone charges), car park charges, foreign road tolls, coach tax for abroad, ferries,  tunnel or bridge tolls or coach shuttle trains unless otherwise stated on the quotation.

–          If the Company should pay in advance for car parks, ferries, tunnel tolls, customs charges or other expenses on behalf of the customer, these costs will be charged to the customer in the invoice;

–          The documents proving the expenses paid in advance by the Company on behalf of the customer on the basis of the above-mentioned regulations, will be made available to the customer for all purposes when the invoice is issued.

–  Driver’s board and lodging for trips with overnight stays

The relevant expenses are charged to the Customer; whenever the expenses are not paid directly by the Customer on site, they will be charged in the invoice. In the case of half board accommodation, a supplement of € 22.00 i.c. will be charged for each meal that is not provided (meals cannot be replaced with packed lunches).

–          Supplements

–          second driver:  €200.00 a day

–          additional driver for the first or last part of long journeys:  € 200.00 a day, as well as travelling expenses

–          the services must be completed by the time shown on the quotation; beyond that time a supplement of € 40,00 an hour will be charged.

In the case of transfers to and from airports, 1 free hour waiting time is granted after which the hourly supplement referred to above is charged.

The presence of a second driver or additional driver for the first or last part of longer journeys is required according to the provisions of EC reg. 561/2006 and subsequent modifications.

Notice is given that the driver’s time must include the time when the coach is driven empty.

–          Terms of payment

In general when the Customer confirms the quotation a down payment must be made equal to 30% of the amount, with a minimum of € 200.00 The balance must be paid at least 5 days prior to  departure. Copy of the payment receipt must be sent to the company by fax to the number (035 4420529) or by e-mail ( Other terms of payment may be arranged directly with the Customer.

–          Empty runs

The distance in kilometres from the company depot to the pick-up point arranged with the customer will be added to the total distance of the journey.

–          Cancellation of confirmed services

For cancellations of services made after the customer’s confirmation, the following penalties are applied:

  • 30 % of the full amount if communicated between the date of confirmation and 48 hours prior to the service
  • 50 % of the full amount if the cancellation occurs less than 48 hours before departure
  • 100 % of the full amount if the cancellation occurs less than 24 hours before departure

Cancellations must be sent in writing to the Hire Office during normal office hours by fax (035 4420529) or by e-mail (

–          Staff requirements

The coaches are driven exclusively by Company employees who are fully covered with regard to social security and welfare obligations. The drivers possess the professional documents as required by  law for their work.

As the Company employs travelling staff, it applies the national and European regulations concerning driving times and daily rest periods for drivers who do not operate regular passenger bus services; in particular in a 24-hour period the following is provided for:

a)      the overall number of hours driven in a day must not exceed 9 by law;

b)      by law the driver should not drive continuously for more than 4½ consecutive hours followed by a 45-minute break. Alternatively, two breaks may be taken which must necessarily be at least 15 + 30 minutes long within the 4½ hours of driving time and the second break must be at least 30 minutes long, even if the first break lasted more than 15 minutes.

c)      The driver must by law have a rest period of 11 consecutive hours and consequently the coach cannot be used for more than 13 hours a day (this means that if the journey begins at 7 a.m., a return must be made by 8 p.m. otherwise a second driver or an additional  driver for the first or last part of the journey must be used and the relative charge will be made as stated under the heading “Supplements”).

SERVICES NIGHT From 1 January 2014 , if driving between 22:00 and 06:00 when on board there is only one driver can drive for 3 consecutive hours , and then take advantage of the 45 minutes of rest and then get back to guide for a further 3 hours . The company declines all responsibility if the travel schedule is discordant from that notified the same in the estimate .

The abovementioned Regulation provides for the joint and several liability between the customer and the carrier for the non-compliance of the same .

In calculating the driving time, the time used for empty runs must also be taken into consideration.

–          Coach seats and luggage

Passengers must fasten seatbelts when the coach seats are fitted with them. Furthermore, when the coach is moving all passengers must remain seated.

The company cannot be held responsible for injuries caused by accidental falls, damage or fines due to a failure to observe the above-mentioned regulations. The person breaking the regulation will be held responsible if they are of age, or the person in charge if the group is under age.

Passengers are not allowed to take luggage onto the coach that may obstruct the safety exits. Small bags are allowed or larger bags if they are placed in the overhead lockers. Other items of luggage must be stowed in the luggage hold of the coach.

–          Vehicle requirements

All the coaches used are provided with their registration documents and comply with the regulations in force concerning annual servicing.

Furthermore, the Company carries out scheduled preventive maintenance programmes in order to guarantee that the vehicles are safe and in good operating condition.

Before the journey, all the coaches undergo a specific cleaning operation both inside and out.

All the coaches for hire are provided with the following minimum standard features: reclining seats, air conditioning, mini-bar, radio, CD player, PA music system, TV.  Other features (toilet/washroom, tables, coffee machine, DVD, etc.) can be provided on arrangement with the Hire Office and according to availability.

–          Travel programme

The journey is undertaken according to the travel programme agreed between the Customer and the Company.

Any variations to the journey (defined at the time of the confirmation), must be notified to the Hire Office at least three days prior to the date of the same.

–          Any variations that may become necessary during the journey itself, must be agreed with the driver, who will take note of them in the space provided on the travel register and they must be countersigned by the customer or by the person in charge of the group.

The driver is obliged to carry out all the variations requested by the customer or the person in charge of the group as far as the regulations in force regarding the driving time and the maximum journey time will allow and on condition that the vehicles are suitable for the routes in question. It is the sole competence of the driver to assess whether the vehicle is suitable for the variations to the route.

Any variations agreed after the start of the service that should involve a greater distance in kilometres compared with that envisaged in the quotation will lead to an adjustment of the established price.

–          Forced interruption of the service

Any interruption of the service due to force majeure will not lead to the right to reimbursement.

In the event of a technical breakdown of the vehicle, the Company guarantees measures will be taken quickly in order to limit the passengers’ inconvenience either by using the company’s own organisation or other organisations with which it has agreements either for repair work or vehicle replacement.

–          Responsibility

All the coaches are insured with leading insurance companies against risks deriving from road traffic in accordance with law 990/69.

–          Lost property

The staff leaves any objects found on board the vehicles in the Hire Office. If possible, the legitimate owner is contacted and invited to collect the lost property; if it is not possible to trace the owner, the object is kept safely and is available for collection for a period of three months from when it is found.

The Company is not responsible for any loss of property that is not found.

–          Damage caused by the group

Any damage caused by the group to the coach or to its accessories will be charged to the person organising the journey.

–          Regulations provided for in transport conditions

With regard to any matter that is not provided for in these regulations, the relative legal regulations governing hire contracts apply.

–          Legal controversies

For any controversy that may arise, the competent court of law is that in Bergamo.

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